Wintix update 2/8/24

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2024)
  • The sales history and payments display in a sales record after the show has been archived.
  • Sales record now indicates whether the record is in Mainsale (active) or Oldsales (archived).
  • Added a check for sales without seats in a sales record in case a transaction has been processed and the sale does not appear in the sales record.
  • The performance info fields in a season ticket displays the title caption as “Perf info” to be consistent with the name of the Edit a Show fields in Wintix.
  • Sales Without Seats report is now finding sales that erroneously are not recording seats on the chart.
  • The history form size was adjusted, so the items list is wider and the tix, sale and paid fields are not quite as wide.
  • The show date field is wide enough for all the show dates.
  • The integrity report will show two additional things: sales without seats and credit card charges that do not have a corresponding sales record.
  • Domain permissions for available prices are working now when the domain permissions are on and the prices are either run of show, single performance or both.
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