Wintix update 11-15-23

(Last updated on: November 16, 2023)

  • Multiple payment types used for one sale are now being recorded in the Daily Sales Reports.
  • The flex pass caption on the show pick options that count how many shows a customer has picked in the pass, will appear even if there are no sales.

  • Report | by Show | Single performance | Seating chart | Section capacities report includes the sum of each seating section.
  • Customer look ups and history no longer display a “Payplan not found” error when doing a sale.
  • The Top Customer Report now includes the address, city, state and zip in the output.

  • GABarCodesUpdate(29) was not finding the Planlist_id – added a label for the mainsale.season_sale_num.
  • Top customer report now includes the address, city, state & zip in the output.
  • GABarCodesUpdate(44) was generating an error if the sale number was 0.



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