2023 Newsletters

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2023)

January 2023 newsletter

  • Time for improvements in the New Year!
  • One-on-one software training for new box office clerks
  • Improve your Wintix skills
  • Order custom work to improve your patrons’ experience
  • What you should be doing everyday

February 2023 newsletter

  • Support contract increase 7/1/23
  • CSS auto-scales its servers for big ticket sales
  • Google Analytics users need to upgrade

March 2023 newsletter

  • Spring forward to make some changes and improvements
  • Change …
    • Your Webtix page
    • A performance date or time
    • Your Wintix background
    • A grayed out price category

April 2023 newsletter

  • Auto-center your Webtix seating chart
  • Does Webtix tell your patron they don’t have an account?
  • Choose how Webtix and Wintix orders your shows
  • Keep diggin’ for Wintix treasure on the Help Desk

May 2023 newsletter

  • Sell merchandise with Wintix & Webtix
  • Learn how to locate hard-to-find customer records
  • Auto-schedule reports to anyone, anytime
  • Many departments or properties? Keep their ticket sales separate

June 2023 newsletter

  • Why can’t you sell certain price categories online for a show?
  • S is for Subscriber
  • Adding images for Webtix
  • Support hours and phone numbers reminder

July 2023 newsletter

  • Check out these inspiring Webtix sites
  • Please let us know if you change credit card processors
  • More things about adding images for display in Webtix
  • Batch printing of unprinted tickets

September 2023 newsletter

  • Removing duplications
  • Update all charts if you make a seating plan change
  • Mismatched seats
  • The present and future of season tickets
  • Support contact info
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