Wintix update 9-2-22

(Last updated on: November 14, 2022)

Center Stage Software has released a new Wintix update. Here are some highlights.
If you click the Display seat list button in a sales record, the seats are now in numeric order.
The order of the seats is called any time Wintix needs a list of the seats. This was displaying the list of seats ordered by the section, row and seat. The result was in alphabetical order. The function now gets the seat list ordered by seat number. The way to see this is to edit a sale that has seat numbers like “9, 10, 11.” In the past, this would appear out of order as “10, 11, 9.” Now, the seats are ordered by their numeric value.
The report | by Day | What GL Codes has been modified to display all records in the payplan – whether or not they are used. Now, all pay types exist even though their value is zero.
Performance prices work differently with the run of show prices. The performance prices can be used either in addition to, or replacing, the run of show prices. The choice is made when you edit a performance. It shows up when seats are selected.
The What Shows report has an option to limit the report to 1 (one) payment type.

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