Webtix update 3-2-21

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2021)

[General] Various performance updates and adjustments
[New] Pay What You Can – Now custom payment amounts can be added to any price category and patrons may choose their own value.
[New] Event Upsell – Now events can be configured as an “upsell” item so that they can be promoted within Webtix and purchased.
[New] Event Verification – Config option is now available to require that patrons check the box stating that the events they are purchasing are correct. One checkbox renders for each event that is purchased. The phrase that shows up is customizable based on the desires of the venue.
[Updated] Better mobile support on ticket price pages.
[Fix] Receipt pages to only show “Amount Due” when the payment type for an event is of type “Reservation”
[New] Webtix now supports the disabling of “cell” and “work” phones on the customer page.
[Removed] “Account” field no longer shows up on the patron section of the checkout page.[Fix] Added additional checks on the customer registration page to better account for duplicate email addresses being used during sign up. There was a scenario where if the customer data was not complete, but partially filled out, Webtix would treat it as a new entry even though the database had a record already in existance. The added check ensures that both the customer data exists, and that the customer id field is empty with the new submission.

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