How to add a payment to an existing sales record (GA)

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Say someone buys another ticket and you need to add money into the existing transaction so it can be in same payment record.

PLEASE NOTE: This is to add a payment for an event with general admission (GA). If the event has reserved seats, please go here.

  • Go to Sales | Sales records and find the record.
  • Go to the Tickets tab.
  • Highlight the number of tickets already purchased in the price category where the patron would like to purchase additional tickets and add the number of additional tickets to the total.
  • In this example, they had already purchased one adult ticket, but want three more, so we change the total to four.

  • Click the Payment tab.
  • The Adding a payment record window appears.
  • Choose your payment type, and click the Add payment record button.



NOTE: If you click on the Payment type down arrow, you will see all the payment types available. You do not need to choose the payment type used for the original transaction.

  • After you have completed the payment,┬áthe Payments tab will reflect new amount that has been added and will balance.


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