What’s new in Wintix March 2019

(Last updated on: March 15, 2021)

Wintix changelog notes:


  • Refund button in sales record.
    • There is a new option to display the refund button in the sales record. If you need to cancel a sale and void the credit card transaction, having a dedicated button for this makes the process easier.
    • There is a security advantage, as well, because clerks do not need to have access to the credit card data.
    • Displaying the button is optional and can be disabled if Authorize.net behavior interferes with it.



  • Copying prices for the run of performance has a check to not overwrite any existing sales’ price data.
    • What could have happened is that the updated prices would have overwritten the prices for existing sales. We could not allow this to happen.
  • Not all of our customers use gift cards. Having gift cards display on the menu pulled out references to gift cards unless the gift cards had been set up properly.
  • Service charges are positive numbers. However, gift cards would be used as negative numbers. Now, editing a sale, negative service charges are included in the list.
  • Removed the Quicksale choice from Mintix. It was simply not needed in Mintix.
  • When customers are removed from the mailing list, they are not deleted. Instead, they are put in the inactive list. Now, they can be easily be restored. All you need to do is look up the name with the generic search, click on the “Search inactive customers table” and you can bring up the inactive customer record. Then, click on the notes tab and click on the green, Restore button.
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