What do I do if the internet goes down and I can’t sell tickets?

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2016)

If Center Stage Software is hosting your Wintix, you need an internet connection to access it in real time. So how do you sell tickets if the internet goes down?

Unfortunately, that can happen, but, fortunately, it rarely does.

There is a simple way to sell tickets on the day of the performance and get reports, provided that either the theatre or the patron have working cell phones or other mobile devices.

  • Patrons purchase their tickets using Webtix.
  • If the theatre’s cell phone or mobile device is working through its cell phone network, use Webtix to sell tickets.
  • For reports, the theatre can log into its Webtix admin.php interface and run reports from the mobile device.

If you have system administrative authority, check in Wintix to make sure you have given yourself permission to access the Webtix admin interface. Make sure you have changed our standard default login and password that are in Wintix.   Get more information about permissions and clerks.

Once you have given yourself permission to get into the Webtix admin interface, you will be able to go to your browser and type:

http://<name of server>.centerstageticketing.com/sites/your domain/admin.php

Here is what the login screen looks like.


Once you have entered your new login and password, you should see this screen shot below.  For the night of the performance, you can get a report of everyone who is coming to the show on your mobile.

report 2

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