Wintix updates 3/15/16

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2016)
  • You can run a daily sales report, Run of show report and Performance summary report to a spreadsheet with all the fields.
  • Season ticket report can now be appended to the output file
  • Performance summary report can now include old sales, as well as current sales.
  • You can run a show schedule to a spreadsheet.
  • Credit card numbers removed from daily sales report – no more erroneous dates.
  • PDF generating files were updated to include all critical files.
  • Removed extraneous character from the seating plan display and report.
  • The Performance summary report will count capacities and seats sold in multi-charts.
  • Updated permissions for selling comp tickets.
  • Wintix users not able to swipe cards for Quick sales now can swipe them.
  • You can force a standard ticket format to install on a workstation by going to File | Ticket setup and right-clicking on the Windows printer set up button.
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