Exchanging seats when a seat is upgraded

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2015)

First, click here to learn how to return the seat and exchange it for a different one.

Now, here are the next steps since the seat has been upgraded and more money is owed.

  • Click on the seats that you want and enter the NEW price category.
  • Make sure you’ve chosen the correct number of seats and then click OK.
  • A box will appear displaying the additional amount they owe.

exchange 2

  • Wintix will ask, Do you want to add another sale record for this transaction?
  • Click Yes.
  • You will then see a yellow screen Adding another sale record for sale XXX.

exchange 3

  • Choose the correct payment type in the drop down list.
  • Type in the amount to be paid.
  • Click Add the sale.
  • You will now be back to the Tickets tab of the original sale.
  • Now you will need to charge the credit card the additional amount due.
  • Do that through your virtual terminal/stand alone machine.
  • OR – if you charge credit cards through Wintix, find the added sale record, click on the payment tab and then click Verify card.
  • Finish processing the credit card in the green screen, paying close attention to the amount to be charged.
  • You’re done!
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