PDF writing error message

(Last updated on: September 29, 2015)

When you are trying to email tickets and Wintix prints the tickets to a PDF, do you see the following error? (-121:Class definition XWPDLX20.WPDLX is not found)

pdf writing error

  • Please contact our support team (support@centerstage.com or 831-920-1254) and they will email you a .zip file.
  • They will change the extension of the file to .dld, so your email server won’t block it.
  • Save the attachment, XFRX.dld, to your desktop.
  • Go to your desktop and right click on XFRX.dld.
  • Choose Rename from that menu.
  • Change .dld to .zip, so the file will then be named XFRX.zip.
  • Make sure Wintix is closed.
  • Right click on XFRX.zip and choose either Explore or Open in new window.
  • Copy all files that are zipped into XFRX.zip (there should be four files).
  • Paste all four files into the C:\Tix7 directory, overwriting the current ones, if there are current ones with the same name.
  • Open Wintix and try printing the tickets to an email.
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