Error messages while swiping cards in Quick sale (Quicksale)

(Last updated on: September 14, 2015)

Are you getting error messages when you swipe cards while doing a Quick sale in Wintix like “First name is required?”  Or, when swiping a credit card doing a regular sale, an error “E-mail address is required” occurs?

The first thing to do:

  • In Wintix, please check File | Initialization | Credit cards.  Are the two check boxes shown below unchecked? If both or either check boxes are checked, uncheck them, then click on the Save settings button.


The next thing to do if that doesn’t solve the issue:

You, or anyone who has the credentials to log into your account, needs to relax the AVS settings when you are selling tickets at the door and doing quick sales. Once you have closed your box office for the evening, you will need to go reset the AVS settings to the original configuration.

Log into your account and click on the settings link.  For more information, here is a link to helpful videos.

When in the this site, click on the AVS video. See screen shot below:

avs 3

When you are into your account and click on settings, you will need to go into the AVS section. See screen shot below:

avs 4

When you’re in the AVS section, you may need to uncheck the box as indicated below for when doing a Quick sale.  After you have saved your settings in, try running another sale using your own credit card and do another Quick sale.

avs 5

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