How to get a list of people who purchased single tickets, but not a season package

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2017)
  • In Wintix, go to Mailing list|Generate a mailing list|Export email.
    • Mailing list name – this is the path that the file will be saved to and the name of the file will be EmailExport_Today’s-date-year.
    • Change ONLY the name, not the path, to something that makes sense to you, whatever you want to name it.
    • Output file type = DBF file.
    • You can choose whether to Skip records with blank email addresses and choose to Include only records that have opted in.
    • You can run the report by a range of sale dates, using the Select by sale date tab and entering the starting/ending dates.
    • Or you can leave that blank and run the report wide open for all dates.

export email 6

  • Now click on Export list.
  • A DBF window will appear.
  • You can take a look at it, then just close it.
  • Now run through the same steps above, but this time you’ll be running the report for season package sales only, instead of run of show reports.
  • Name this file a unique name as well.
  • Then, compare the two files, by using these steps:
    • Go to Mailing List | Utilities | Compare 2 Files (subtraction).

    • You will need to navigate to your desktop (where the export email files are saved).

    • Choose your runofshowreport.dbf file in the left hand window.

    • Choose your seasonpackagereport.dbf in the right hand window.

    • Click on Compare the files.

    • Click Yes when it asks you if this is what you want.

comparing files 3

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