Use HTML codes to format “Perf info 1” tab for Webtix

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When you are setting up a show and it will be selling on your Webtix page, you may want to add some formatting to your performance information for a bit of extra attention and pizzazz. Things like adding a new paragraph or making words bold can help your information stand out. If you add information to the Perfinfo tab, the information will appear specifically for that performance only.

First, go to this post and learn about how to add information to the showinfo and perfinfo tabs and where that will appear in Webtix.

Next, add HTML codes to the tab to edit the formatting….

For instance:

<br> – will create a page/line break.
<b> – will make the font bold

Here is an example of HTML codes we have add to the Perf info 1 tab:


Wondering how to find those numbers (called a hex code) that tells Wintix what color you want the font to be? Click here!

Here is what it looks like in Webtix:

bolded text
You can find a list of the most common HTML codes by using Google search.

Click here for a handy cheat sheet!

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