Timing tests for slow performance in Wintix

(Last updated on: October 19, 2015)

If you are experiencing slow-downs while running Wintix, please perform each of the following steps in Wintix and email the results to Center Stage Software.

  • Open Wintix using the shortcut on your desktop
    • How many seconds until Wintix opens up?
  • Go to Sale | Regular sale | Choose a show | Choose a performance date | Select the Seats
    • How many seconds does it take for your seating chart to come up?
  • Go to Reports | By day | Sales report | Choose a date range of 1 year | All records | Run the report to the screen.
    • How many seconds does it take for the report to open and how many pages are in the report?
  • Go to Mailing list | Customer look up | Type in the last name of the customer.
    • How many seconds until the customer names appears in the drop down list?



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