How to run a publicity code ID report

(Last updated on: March 28, 2017)

To get publicity codes to pull up for each sales record, please contact or (831) 920-1254 so we can email you two files you will need!

  • Save both of the attached files into the C:\Tix7\Reports\Day\Sales folder.
  • Run a Report | By day | Sales report.
  • Choose the starting and ending dates.
  • Choose any other options you wish.
  • Choose Custom report format at the bottom of that Report by day for all sales window (see screen shot below).
  • Click Run the report.

pub codes

  • This will give you the publicity code ID beside each sale record listed on the report. The ID is a number that Wintix generates in the background to identify each publicity code).
  • Go to Report | By show | Publicity.
  • That will give you a list of names that coincide with the publicity_code_id  that you got from the first report.
    • NOTE: Currently, there is no report that has been formatted to pull publicity code names into a daily report.

If you’d like a custom report built for you, which would be considered custom work.  Our rates for customization of reports, etc can be found on the Center Stage Software website.

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