Webtix5 release 2012.06.12

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2012)

Code modifications include:
1) Enhanced Authorize.net SIM interface to display a warning message to patrons that their browser will be redirected to a payment gateway and what to expect.    This optional feature is meant to help reduce problems with some patrons that are unfamiliar with the Internet.  It can be activated by staff editing “config.php” and setting “$cstage[‘cc_authorize_nossl_displayRedirectMessage’] = true;”.
2) Enhanced Authorize.net SIM interface with an optional description prefix character.  This is intended to assist box office’s that run multiple Webtix5 instances using the same payment gateway account.  It can be activated by staff editing “config.php” and setting “$cstage[‘cc_authorize_nossl_prependDesc’] = ‘A’;”.   A through Z can be used as valid settings.
3) Enhanced checkout interface with optional processing of seats before payment.  This is to assist box offices that have browser return connectivity problems from the payment gateway to the box office server.  Example problems  resulting in payment hold but no seat reservation.  Please note that activating this feature requires more box office manager interactivity with patrons.  It can be activated by editing “config.php” and setting “$cstage[‘cc_processSeatsBeforePayment’] = true;”.

Files Updated Since Webtix5 release 2012.05.09:

  • process.php
  • preprocess.php
  • _includes/libf_insertMainsale.php
  • _includes/libf_validatePendingSale.php
  • _includes/config_template.php
  • _includes/module_payment/process_cc_authorize_nossl_lib.php
  • _includes/admin_testRequirements.php
  • _includes/test_version.php
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