Back up and restore to Center Stage Software server after selling tickets at a remote event

(Last updated on: April 9, 2019)

Do you sell tickets off site at another location where there is no internet connection, and need to back up and restore to the server afterward? You will most likely want our support team to assist you with this, but basically, there are four steps:

  1. Stop sales on the main server and backup.
  2. Put the data on the laptop in order to sell tickets remotely.
  3. Backup the laptop.
  4. Restore the data on the server.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Close Wintix on all computers, except the computer that houses your localhost mysql server…which we will call the laptop localhost.
  2. Do not allow anyone to open Wintix on any other computer until after the event is over AND after you’ve uploaded your data from the event back to data(X)
  3. In Wintix, on your laptop localhost computer:
    2. To take each performance of each show offline, go to Show | Edit a show | Edit date | On & Off sale tab | Exclude from internet sales.
    3. Create a backup of your data, while still connected to the server.
    4. Where is the backup file you just created?
  4. Using DOS commands, upload the backup.sql file to your local tix7 database on the laptop localhost computer.
  5. Now, you will need to change your connection string on the laptop localhost computer to point to itself, rather than
    1. Your sqlrdd.ini file can be edited to add a second connstring, instead of erasing your string and replacing it with your localhost connstring.
    2. Having two connstring lines will make it easier to switch back and forth without having to remember the credentials.
    3. Removing the C from connstring will make the program ignore that line.
    4. Whichever line has the C will be the line that Wintix will use to connect to a server.
    5. Below is an example of an sqlrdd.ini file with two connstrings – note only the top line has a C.  (If you wanted to switch connections, just close Wintix, remove the C from the top line, add the C to the bottom line, save changes.);UID=xxxx;PWD=xxxx;DTB=xxxx

  1. Now, open Wintix on the laptop, making sure you’re connecting to the localhost database, NOT
  2. On the localhost, verify that the last sale record is correct (verify that the data is current) – see example below:
  3. Take the laptop to your event, using Wintix as usual.
  4. Bring the laptop back to your box office.
  5. Open the localhost Wintix.
  6. Backup the data.
  7. Upload that file to Center Stage Ticketing
  8. Change the connstring on the laptop localhost computer to point to again. Follow instructions in item 5 E.
  9. Send email to AND that your backup is there and and request that it be restored into your database on’s server.
  10. When you’ve received word from Center Stage Software that the restore into’s <name of your database> is complete, open the Wintix icon that connects to the server and verify that you can see the sales that were done at the off site event.
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