Add a sale number to your ticket format

(Last updated on: March 28, 2016)

  • Go to File | Ticket setup | Windows printer setup.
  • The Label Designer appears.

ticket set up

  • Click on the Report controls button (the button showing a hammer) and that will bring up your Report controls toolbar.
  • Click on the ab icon located on the report controls toolbar. (If you hover over the button, you will see the word “field”.)
  • Click on the ticket format/label designer and the Field Properties box will open up.
field properties

  • Type the following exactly as it appears below (pay close attention to the syntax, as all spaces and characters need to be exact):

                      “Sale ” + ltrim(str(sale_num))

  • Click OK on the Fields Properties box and then save your ticket format before closing it out.
  • This should put the sale number on your ticket. You can copy that over to the stub if you want the sale number to appear there as well.


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