Benefits of Upgrading to Wintix v5

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2021)

Wintix version 5 Upgrade
for Wintix version 3 and 4 Users
Wintix version 5 is the first rework of the Wintix/Webtix/Tixsales/Mintix set of programs in seven (7) years. Wintix and Tixsales have been overhauled. Webtix has been re-built from scratch. More importantly, the emphasis has been changed. Up to version 4, our emphasis of the programs was to provide software that would allow theatres to run their operations efficiently and save money.

With version 5, the emphasis still is on speed and serving your customers in the most efficient way possible. Our application is there to save you time, therefore, saves your organization money as well as makes you money.

The new back end is MySQL. This means some important features:

You will not overload it. Our informal estimates indicate that a MySQL server will handle about 5 times the transaction load of the older dbf files. If you are a Yahoo, Google, or Ticketmaster (all of whom use MySQL) there are strategies here. You can add more equipment to handle the load. Want 99.999% reliability? You can do it.
Index corruption is a thing of the past. That’s right. There will be no more “corruption detected,” C0000005, 1010, 1012, or “Windows internal consistency” errors.
Security is much better. You can limit any user to a security setup as you need. This is in addition to the Wintix and Tixsales permissions.
The MySQL database is the most popular database in the world. If you want to learn more, there are lots of books. A search on for MySQL returned 48 books.
Remote access is much easier. In fact, a simple connection is all you need.
Wintix and Tixsales still work the same. You already know about them so we won’t dwell on the old stuff. The new items made possible are:

Unlimited publicity codes. Even though version 4 had 729 codes possible, they were organized in menus of nine (9) items. With version 5 you can have as many as you want on each menu.
Unlimited event types. These are kept in their own list rather than being part of each show.
Really unlimited groups in the mailing list. Version 4 you were limited to about 120 mailing list groups. Any of these groups can be sent directly to a dbf, csv, or spreadsheet.
New menu choice to list all shows. This was done for central box offices that have several hundred shows on sale at once.
The General Ledger code report allows unlimited codes with long names. If you need to have accounting codes like “The 2008 Dixieland Festival” with 50 different shows, it is easy to do.
Major benefits of upgrading:

Far better data handling capability
No more corruption. No more re-indexing
Wonderfully detailed security. You can dole out permissions down to a single field on a single table for both remote users and local users.
Unlimited: publicity, mailing list groups, event types, and general ledger codes
Ability to interface with lots of other web site software
No more SeatRelease
Remote access is easy. All you need is the IP address.
Updated integration with FundRaiser Software (testing of integration is in progress).


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