2021 Newsletters

(Last updated on: December 27, 2021)

Below are links to 2021 newsletters.

February 2021

  • Federal grant update – Save Our Stages is now Shuttered Venue Grant
  • Please make sure you open emails about software updates
  • Sell tickets to events that are both streaming and live at the same time
  • Don’t forget Wintix has automatic social distancing seating plans

March 2021

  • Webtix to integrate with Cinesend and other streaming platforms soon
  • Reminder: new Wintix features to help during COVID restrictions
  • Track your donations with a handy report
  • Check your internet speed to make sure it’s not interrupting sales

April 2021

  • Anti-social seating – buy one, buy all at a table or in a group
  • Archive a show
  • Run reports on archived shows
  • Delete inactive names or make them active again

May 2021

  • Create a presale with an exclusive hyperlink
  • Give your Fan Clubs a special offer just for them
  • Please tell us the full details of your software issues
  • Make sure your patrons buy tickets from an authorized seller

June 2021

  • Change ticket prices after you’ve done sales
  • Get one-on-one Wintix/Webtix training
  • May be time to get a new ticket printer
  • Don’t forget to update your software

July 2021

  • Sell merchandise at performances of your choosing
  • CALL us if you have a big on sale coming up
  • Your internet speed is a big factor in how your software works
  • Say hi to DJ

August 2021

  • You can find an updates email archive on the Help Desk
  • Is it a Wintix or a Webtix update?
  • Learn how to do split payments in Wintix 6
  • Error message when you try to back up your data?

October 2021

  • Don’t let your patrons’ emails bounce
  • Keep up with updates
  • Get help on the Help Desk
  • When to use Run of Show v. Categories & Prices
  • Support team’s new phone extensions

November 2021

  • We are so grateful for you!
  • Add a COVID policy to your Webtix page
  • How to add a hyperlink to your email receipt or ticket email
  • Getting notices about bounced email receipts?
  • The wild west trail that your email follows

December 2021

  • Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga sing “Winter Wonderland.”
  • CSS holiday hours.
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