Webtix changelog 11/29/20

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2021)
  • [Added] Ability to take Reservations on Webtix
  • [Added] Webtix ability (via config file) to make the ‘customreceipt’ content on the event to show up as an added “T&C”
  • [Added] ability to change the purchase button text and ‘tickets’ labels to be controlled via the event types in Wintix
  • [Added] Ability to add custom/static company values to be stored with the customer records, controlled via the config file
  • [Added] Google reCaptcha support to prevent bots/malicious purchase attempts
  • [Updated] Sale Items logic so that the default value of ‘suggested’ is 0, not 1.
  • [Updated] Login screen on events page to also support ‘logout’ as requested by Steve of Cal-Am
  • [Updated] Overhauled how Webtix handles moving seats
  • [Changed] Wording of events page for performances as requested by Mike of Hope College
    • 2 events display “And” instead of Through
    • > 2 events on same day says “X shows” on the 2nd line in addition to the single date
  • [Updated] Customer page to not force state validation when the states option has been turned off in the country/state master list in Webtix.
  • [Updated] Fan club logic regarding how many tickets have already been bought
  • [Updated] Changed message “Direct access of this file is prohibited” to also include the name of the file
  • [Updated] Quicklinks now support default/custom domains
  • [Fixed] Country selector on customer page not working when the value saved to the database was in all caps. Webtix now forces all country values from the database into all caps during runtime for proper country lookup
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