Has your email address that you use to send Webtix receipts and tickets been reported as spam?

(Last updated on: July 14, 2017)

You may not even be aware that the email address you use for Webtix receipts and tickets has been blacklisted. What you may be experiencing is that your patrons aren’t receiving their receipts, sales don’t appear to go through, or there is no PDF ticket attachment.

PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY if this happens to your organization so we can troubleshoot the issue and determine if this is the case.

Note: It also could be that if you are using addresses from sites like Gmail or Yahoo, the email servers may have made changes in their authentication policies that result in bounces for some senders.

In one case, we were able to discover that one of our client’s email address had mistakenly been reported as spam and the address was blacklisted.

Here is what it looks like if an email is rejected.

We will need to whitelist it on our end so the emails are accepted.


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