Are your reports printing to the ticket printer?

(Last updated on: January 25, 2017)

NOTE: This post is primarily an internal post for a very unusual situation. If you have a similar type of problem, you are welcome to try the solutions below. If these instructions don’t solve your issue, please call support at 831-920-1254.

We had a client with this problem. Here was the situation:

  • The chart displayed on a 2½”x 5″ piece of paper
  • If you tried to print the report, it tried to print to the ticket printer
  • This also happened with the following reports:
    • Reports | By day | What shows were sold
    • Reports | By show |  Season tickets | All records
    • The regular report works correctly – however, if you choose List of performances or Specific clerks, the report runs to ticket printer

The first thing we did was NOT choose Print double width, moved the font to 8, and  didn’t print in landscape mode. See more after the screen shot below.

report a

Sending to the screen did create the look of a 2″ x 5½” ticket display.

The next thing we did was to send the report again to the printer – see below:

printer 1

When you send it to the printer, this printer dialogue displays:


Next, we clicked on preferences. We don’t have a screen shot of the display, but the Ricoh printer was set for a custom size that wasn’t 8½” x 11″. Somehow, it was set for the 2″ x 5½” size, so once we changed the printer to an 8½x 11 size, see below:

Voila!! It printed perfectly to screen as well as to the printer.

That took quite a while to discover what was going on. We generally have never clicked on the Preferences buttons for running regular reports.  The only time we’ve done this is for thermal ticket printers. We will now add this step to our list of standard procedures.

Suggestion: When using Windows, it is best to not have more than a half dozen windows opened at any one time.  We’ve noticed that many of us like to have multiple windows open at one time – maybe even a few dozen!  We like to have many emails open at one time, too. Yes, Microsoft does encourage us to have as many windows opened at the same time, but this will generally slow communications down between your computer, Wintix and your printers.  We all need to work at being disciplined and streamlined in organizing and performing our daily computer tasks.


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