Can’t create a PDF after you downloaded a Wintix update?

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2016)

A few Wintix users have reported an issue when they are trying to create a PDF after downloading an update. It could be happening when they are trying to email a receipt from a sales record, run their daily sales report to a PDF or during other tasks.

Are you getting this error saying you are missing these files:

  • xfrxlib.fll
  • xfrx.fll
  • hndlib.dll
  • zlib.dll

The solution is to get rid of the old files and install the new files. However, Windows sometimes sticks its fingers into the operation. Here’s how to get around this problem.

  • In Wintix, click on Help | About Wintix | Download update.
  • Close Wintix.
  • Right click on your start button on your computer.
  • Select Open Windows Explorer and find your way to the C:\Tix7 subdirectory.
  • Right click on the file wintix5.dld and rename it to
  • Right click on and choose either Explore or Open in new window.
  • Copy all files that are in the folder.
  • Paste all files into the C:\Tix7 directory.
  • Overwrite the current ones, if there are current ones with the same name. (Copy and Replace.)
  • You’re done.


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