How to prevent remarks from appearing in a sales record

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If there are a lot of changes to a sales record, the remarks field can get pretty crowded with records of all changes to the transaction. And that can make reports lengthy and unwieldy if the remarks are included.


There are two ways to make sure the remarks don’t appear in your reports.

1. You can choose whether or not that information is displayed in the remarks field on the General information tab in a sales record:

  • Go to File | Initialization | Options 2 tab |  UNcheck Keep all remarks after a sales record is changed.
  • That will remove all prior remarks and only show the current seat list.  All prior remarks will still be available for review in the Audit trail button on the Other information tab of the sale record.


2. When running a Daily sales report, Out of balance report, Show for a day report and many other reports, UNcheck the Include remarks box.

remark 2

This is what a Sales report looks like with the remarks left in:

remarks 3

This is what it looks like with the remarks removed:

remarks 4

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