How to give away free tickets online without the regular convenience fee

(Last updated on: September 22, 2015)

Once in awhile, there is a reason to give away tickets rather than sell them.  But if you are selling tickets online, there is generally a convenience or service fee associated with those sales.

For these special cases, you don’t want your patrons to have to pay that. Below are instructions on setting up a show or performance without the fee.

  • Add your show and performance date.
  • Add your seating chart, if a chart is being used.
  • Set up one price category for zero dollars.

free tickets 2

  • Go to Internet options|Domains.
  • Add INTERNET to the list of Domains.


  • Check the zero dollar price category as the only price available online.
  • Choose either Reservation or Comp as your payment type – making sure that no fees are associated with whatever payment type you use.

free tickets

Also, make sure the Payment Type is Regular (NOT credit card) – in File|Payment types:

regular type

You can then have your patrons reserve tickets to a free show online and have their tickets available for them in the box office on show night.

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