How to find a declined sale by customer ID

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A Wintix user reported that a Webtix sale was declined but didn’t know who the person was. ┬áThis is the message that he received via email:

A sales error occurred saving data for customer-id ‘14877’.
ERROR:Credit-Card Processing Failure – Credit card expiration date is invalid.

The customer ID # is indeed a Wintix ID number. This is how you find out who this customer is:

In Wintix:

  • Click on Mailing list | Customer lookup
  • Click on the Generic search button (See screen shot below)
  • In the Field tab, click on the drop down arrow and scroll until you find Customer ID
  • When you find Customer ID, click on it
  • In the Begins with field, click on the drop down menu and choose Equal
  • In the blank field to the right type in the number. It will look similar to this:

customer id

  • Click on the Search button. This is an example of what appears:

customer id 2

  • Click on the patron’s name and the entire line will highlight in blue like this:

customer id 3

  • Click on the Use this information button and this is an example of what will appear:

customer id 4

  • Click on the Search by name button and you will get a listing like this:

customer id 5

  • You will notice there happens to be two instances of Dianne Burke in this example. Here lies an opportunity to remove or merge one of these duplications. The second instance shows “LEwis . . .” rather than “Lewis. . .”
  • Double-click on the first instance of Dianne Burke and this is what appears:

customer id 6Click here to learn how to merge records

Click here to learn how to remove duplications



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