Mac users: Are you receving an error message if more than five (5) instances of Wintix are open?

(Last updated on: April 2, 2014)

A customer reported the following:

  • There was an issue with using a Mac computer and running Wintix using Parallels.
  • They can open as many instances of Wintix as they want to on one computer or on a number of different computers.
  • Using Parallels, if they already have five instances of Wintix running, whether all five are on one computer or on a combination of computers, Wintix gives the MySQL Connector/ODBC Data Source Configuration window. When they click the Test button, the error message is:

Cannot connect to the mysql server on

mysql error

  • If they close all but four instances of Wintix on other computers, then try to log in again from the Mac, the login is successful.
  • This only happens on the Mac computer.  All others can open Wintix as many times as needed.

What’s going on here?
It’s quite common for operating systems and programs to limit the number of connections. Limiting ODBC is one way to do it. That way, if someone is so busy that they need more connections, they can be charged extra money for the privilege. We have never done that. The MySQL database server has never done that.

The first company to talk to about this is Parallels. The next company would be Apple tech support. They would know what the problem is and how to fix it.

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