Initialization Sale Settings Tab Wintix 6

(Last updated on: April 13, 2023)

  • Display choice of sales or only payments in the reports.
    • Choose which criteria you need to view.
  • Restrict shows and categories to domains.
    • Limit selling of certain shows and prices to certain divisions (ie. sports, donations, etc.)
  • Print tickets in a sale without payment.
    • Allows the box office to print tickets before payment is made.
  • Use the ticket delivery method …
    • The ticket delivery method is a choice made when completing a sale. It determines whether or not the tickets get printed, how many receipts get printed, how many sale labels and how many customer labels.
    • Forcing the ticket delivery method means you can’t complete the sale without choosing one.
  • Unsuccessful login attempts.
    • This lets you determine how many times people can try logging in.
  • Display the refund button …
    • Gives you a quick method for issuing refunds.
  • Display the show information …
    • The show notes text will be visible during the entire purchase process. 
  • Print tix to a PDF…
    • No need to change screen resolution that is related to a Windows 10 bug.
  • Allow pay-what-you-can prices
    • Allows the flexibility of letting your patrons choose their own price.
  • When adding a payment record…
    • Update the date, time, and clerk. This is useful for organizations that take reservations. The information can be changed to reflect the circumstances once the tickets are actually paid for.
  • Minutes to save sales before releasing …
    • Pick how long before the tickets are released.
  • Display season tix performances as 1 chart …
    • You will see hashmarks as place markers on the seats in the season package seating chart to indicate those seats are spoken for.


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