How to install a seating plan in your Wintix

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Center Stage Software often builds seating plans for our customers. If we are hosting the customers’ data, we can install the seating plan on their network ourselves. However, if we don’t, our customers must and can easily install them themselves. Here’s how:

We will email you the plan, along with its width and length.

First, you will need to go into Wintix and do the following:

  • Select Tools | Seating plans
  • Click on Create new plan
  • Under name, type (name of plan).  (Wintix will add the .pln extension)
  • Under description, you can type anything here.
  • Under width, type number
  • Under length, type number

Note: you may leave the two boxes checked, since you will be overwriting the original grid.

Click on OK

When you are in the Select the plan window, click Cancel, then you will go back to the Wintix menu.

Now, go back to your email program and save the attached file (name of plan) onto your:

Tix 7 subdirectory folder | Plans folder

You should expect to see a window pop up indicating that the file already exists. It will ask: Do you want to overwrite the file? Click Yes. Once you copy the seating plan in, you should be able to go back into Wintix.

Click on Tools | Seating plans | (name of plan). You should see the plan listed. Double click on the seating plan name and the plan should display.

Please check your seating plan on your computer and double-check that all rows, seat numbers and sections have been labeled correctly.


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