Wintix Update News January 17, 2013

(Last updated on: January 17, 2013)

Below is a list of significant updates to Wintix done between November 2012 and January 2013. They are divided into the following sections: Sales, Export Email, Reports, Webtix, Ticket Printing and ScanTix.


  • Now it’s easier than ever to see if a transaction has been approved. A large pop-up window will appear and give you an immediate color cue (pink for declined or green for approved) to let you know if the transaction is successful or not.

  • A publicity button has been put in as part of a sale. This way, publicity information can be collected easily during the sale.

  • The cancel button in a season ticket sale has been moved to the left (away from the “Complete the sale” button) to avoid accidental cancellation or completion.


  • You no longer need to select the “Edit the query” tab before the “Export list” button is clicked.


  • The performance summary runs faster now.

  • Report for the run of a show output file name has now been enabled. If you choose to send it to a DBF or PDF file, you can give it whatever name you choose.


  • When you add images to your show for display in Webtix, there are now better descriptions of where the images will be on your Webtix page.


  • Now you can print unprinted tickets by performance | Print only 1 clerk. This gives you added flexibility for ticket printing.


  • The ScanTix report now has a button to reset the scans.

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