How to create an email list of people who attended a show or performance

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2015)

Do you want to generate an email list of people who attended a particular show or performance?

  • In Wintix, go to Mailing list | Generate a mailing list | Export email.
  • Click on the Select by show or performance tab and select your show or performance.
  • Go to the Fields to export tab and choose any fields you wish.
  • Go to the Edit the query tab and click Export list.
  • Check the check boxes labeled Skip records with a blank email address and Include only records that have opted in if you want a list just for those patrons who have chosen to opt in to receiving emails from your organization.
  • If you want to create an email list of all those who attended a particular show, click the Select by run of a show button, then check the checkbox for the show in the left column (notice all the performances for that show are grayed out).

  • If you want to create an email list of those who attended a certain performance, click the Select by a single performance button. The shows on the left are now grayed out and you can choose the performance in the right column.

single perf

  • You can send the email list to a spreadsheet, DBF file, or text file, by clicking on a radio button under Output file type.
  • Your spreadsheet will look like this.

spreadsheet 4

  • If you choose DBF as your output method, the list would look like this:


  • Lastly, you can also send the same list to a CSV file.


  • If you have more than one email address for each person, you may need to either remove the additional ones or add a row with their name and additional email addresses, like this:


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