Setting up a Zebra 2824 direct thermal printer

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In order to print 2 x 5.5 thermal ticket stock using the Zebra 2824 direct thermal printer, you will need to do the following:

1. In the Windows driver, do a right click on the Zebra printer driver and choose “Properties”
2. Click on the General tab | Printing preferences
3. Click on the Stock tab. Under Media settings, the Print method should indicate “Direct Thermal.” Media type should indicate “Labels with Marks
4. Leave Mark Height at .012.  Change Mark offset to -1.25 (this setting may vary.  Do a few test tickets to see where the text starts printing).
5. Under Media Handling, for Post Print Action, choose the down arrow and make sure “Tear Off” is displayed.
6. Click on the OK button
7. At the General tab, choose the tab labeled “Advanced”
8. Make sure the top radio button labeled “Always Available” is filled in
9. Choose the radio button labeled “Print directly to the printer”
10. Click on the “Printing Defaults” button
11. Under Page Setup tab, make sure your stock measures 2 x 5½
12. Orientation = Landscape
13. Under Stock, make sure the “Mark Offset” reads -1.25 – as in number 4 above.
14. Make sure the Post Print action indicates “Tear Off”
15. Click on Ok
16. Click on the General tab and press the “Print Test Page” button.
17. How do the tickets look?  Do you need to do any more tweaking to the “Mark Offset” area?

If you tickets print correctly in Windows, then:

1. Go to Wintix and go to the File | Initialization menu and click on the Ticket setup | Windows printer setup.
2. At the screen showing the lasertix.lbx ticket format, click on File | Page Setup
3. Under the Page Layout tab, the Printer field should display the Zebra printer
4. If the settings are correct, click on the ok button
5. At the Label Designer window, click on File | Save
6. You should be able to print tickets correctly from Wintix.

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