How to put promotional seats on sale – before the public gets to them

(Last updated on: October 16, 2015)

Used for pre-sales or for members of a fan club who need a reward

  • Enter the show, dates, times, prices.
  • Enter the special prices you want available as promotional codes. You can have as many promotional codes as you want. Note: each promotional code will be for all the seats.
  • Under the domain, enter the promoter’s name.
  • Enter the internet domain. For prices, check the price box, Special price (at the bottom of the list). Note: do not check any of the other prices. If you do, the show will show up on Webtix as an available show.
  • Go to Webtix | Admin.php | Quicklinks. You will see a list of shows.
    Copy the URL part of the link code. That is what will get sent to members of the fan club.
  • Send out the emails to the fan club. These emails will have the URL for the show and the promotional codes to enter for the prices.
  • The fans will click on the link you send them. Then, they can enter the price codes to see what is the price they will pay.
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