Why does only one ticket print when I print tickets?

(Last updated on: October 16, 2015)

It sounds like the paper size is too long.

Here is how to troubleshoot this problem:
1.  Reprint the tickets, but this time send them to the laser printer (should be the default printer). What will happen is that all the tickets will print. That means that the ticket printer driver is removing the extra tickets.
2.  In Wintix, click on File | Ticket setup | Control printers. Select the ticket printer and right click on Printer properties.
3.  Click on General | Preferences | Page setup. Set the paper size for the tickets. Save the settings and close the window.
4.  In Wintix, click on Windows printer setup. Make sure that the detail band height is set to about 1/8″ less than the page length you entered in the print driver properties.
5.  Click on File | Close and save the settings.
6.  Click on the square button next to the ticket printer name. Make sure that the printer name, paper size and orientation are correct.
7.  Check the box, Display a prompt before printing tix.
8.  Print a test ticket. It should default to the proper printer with the correct paper size.
9.  Print a batch of at least two tickets. They should all print.

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