Do we need our own server if our data is hosted by Center Stage Software?

(Last updated on: October 23, 2015)

When you use Wintix v 5 and the Webtix online ticketing subscription, all your Wintix data is on our server.  What still resides directly onto your computers/server is the Wintix version 5 software.

Our server is maintained by Center Stage Software and your data is backed up twice a day.  However, we also recommend that you backup your data at least once a day, as well. If at any time, your internet goes down, at least you will have access to your own data within your own “server.”  When you turn on your computer for the day, and click on the Wintix icon, your software will load and will be automatically connected to your data that is hosted by our server.  When we install the software upgrade, we configure Wintix to access the data from the Center Stage Software server.

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