Two ways to collect donations in Webtix 5: set amount and amount of their choice in Wintix 5

(Last updated on: May 20, 2020)

With Webtix, you can accept donations at the dollar level of your choice or let your patron choose their own amount to donate.

For set levels of donations, you would create your donations as a “show.” To let them choose their own amount, our programmers can set up a “question” for you in Webtix.

Set donations

Create a show called Donations, Contributions or whatever you would like, just as you create a regular show. Your ‘ticket prices’ are the donation levels. See screen shot below:

donation levels

If you would like patrons to fill in their own amount, contact us and ask us to set up a “question”  (the customers get asked on shoppingcart.php).  This option is turned on by a setting in ./_custom/_includes/config.php It looks like this:

donation amount


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