error code 99

(Last updated on: November 13, 2015)

Response Code 99 Tool

Response Code 99 indicates that the payment gateway could not authenticate the transaction fingerprint submitted for a Simple Integration Method (SIM) transaction. This error is received when the transaction fingerprint recreated by the payment gateway does not match the transaction fingerprint submitted in x_fp_hash.

To troubleshoot a Response Code 99, check the following:

  1. Verify that you are using the current transaction key.
    Obtain a new transaction key in the Merchant Interface and update all scripts that require a transaction key accordingly.Please note that once a new transaction key has been obtained, the old transaction key will expire and become invalid after 24 hours. Be sure that all sites using SIM are updated with the new transaction key before the old key expires.To obtain a transaction key:

    • Log into your Authorize.Net account at:
    • Click on Settings and Profile in the main menu
    • In the Security section, click Obtain Transaction Key
    • Enter your Secret Answer (the answer to the Secret Question configured at account setup)
    • To disable the old transaction key, click to select Disable Old Transaction Key
      Note: If the Disable Old Transaction Key box is not checked, the old transaction key will automatically expire and become invalid in 24 hours.
    • Click Submit

    Remember to store the transaction key in a secure location. Do not share it with anyone, as it is used to protect your transactions.

  2. Check to see if you have a properly formatted value for x_amount.
    Verify that there is no dollar sign. The value should be strictly numeric. Additionally, our sample scripts require a numeral with two decimal places. Fingerprints created with an invalid amount value may result in Response Code 99.
  3. Compare the case of x_amount that is being posted to your script with the case of x_amount in the fingerprint generating script.
    Some scripting languages (such as Perl and PHP) are case sensitive. If you post x_Amount to your SIM script and the script is programmed for x_amount , the uppercase version may be ignored by the script and result in an incorrect fingerprint. Correct the case of either your post variable or the variable in the script to fix the error.Note: The sample Perl script is written to accept the amount field as x_amount . The sample PHP script is designed to accept this field as x_Amount .

The Response Code 99 troubleshooting tool allows you to enter and validate your fingerprint input values against Authorize.Net application programming interface (API) formatting requirements and generates the correct transaction fingerprint. You can use this tool to compare fingerprints and determine and fix any possible input value formatting errors.

Required Fields   *

Login ID (x_login):
Transaction Key (x_tran_key): *
Timestamp (x_fp_timestamp):
Login Sequence (x_fp_sequence):
Amount (x_amount):
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