Show has both reserved and general admission seating

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2015)

If you have a show that has both reserved and general admission seatings, you can handle this a couple of different ways.

1. Attach a seating plan that shows ALL seats

Remove row and seat numbers from the GA seats. People buying reserved seats would choose a seat in the reserved section and would be guaranteed a particular seat. People buying GA tickets would still click on a seat to buy a ticket but the ticket wouldn’t have a seat number attached and they could sit anywhere in the section. Wintix will then count the number of seats sold in that section.

The down side to this method is that patrons may think they are getting a particular seat when none has been assigned. If you choose this method, make sure your seating plan is clearly marked General Admission and that you put information on your website or on your Webtix page, such as “If you purchase a general admission ticket, you will not be assigned a seat. The seats you click on are only an indication of how many you have purchased.”

To add information for a show being sold through Webtix, go to Show | Edit a show | Internet options | Show info and enter the text.

2. Create two shows: one for reserved seating and one for GA

The first would be, say, “Rocky Horror – reserved seats” (attach a seating plan to this show). The second would be “Rocky Horror – general admission” (no seating plan attached). That way when customer buy tickets online, they can either go to the seating chart to pick seats or – if they pick GA – just get a drop down menu with the number of tickets they want.

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