Print all tickets for all shows/performances associated with a season package

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You can either bring up each sale record and print them that way, or choose one of the following methods to print the tickets you wish to print in a more efficient manner:

Method 1

  • In Wintix, go to Sales | Sales records. Bring up your sale number for the season package you want to print (don’t bring up the season package sale transaction, bring up the first sale record for a show within that season package sale for that customer).
  • In the Printing tickets window, click on All tickets for this account.  That will bring up every sale/ticket that this customer has purchased.  Put a check mark beside only the tickets you want to print now.
  • Click Print.  Only the tickets you designated to print by checking/unchecking the appropriate boxes as instructed above will print.

print tickets


print tickets2

Method 2

  • Go to Tools | Ticket printing | Print tickets for a day. A Window that says Printing tickets for a range of dates comes up.
  • On the Show selection tab, choose your starting and ending date.
  • Choose either Only unprinted tickets or All tickets.
  • Choose Chronological order or Last and first name order.
  • On the Printing options tab,  choose to limit records to A range of sale records.
  • Enter your starting sale and ending sale number.
  • Under Which tickets, choose only Unprinted tickets.
  • Click on Print tickets.
  • A Window will come up prompting you to print the tickets/labels/receipts, etc.



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