How to charge a credit card without the address and CVV2 code

(Last updated on: November 24, 2015)

In general, Wintix requires this information because it is a much safer transaction and better business practice. However, when things get really busy, you can use Quick sale.  If you press the Alt key and Q at the same time, you will see Quick sale. This module is specifically used for POS at the night of the performance when you have long lines.  Also, for your regular advance POS transactions, you can use the following features.

  • Click on File | Initialization | Options 1 tab.
  • Notice check box Automatic lookup of addresses when selling tickets. When this is unchecked, Wintix will allow you to sell tickets without having to look up a customer’s name.

init settings

  • Click on File | Initialization | Credit card options tab.
  • Notice the check box labeled Require the Cvv2 number for non scanned credit card transactions.  When unchecked, you can manually input a credit card number without having to put in a cvv2 number.  Without the cvv2 security number, the credit card will be processed without having to input that information. This will speed up the ticketing process, but you do need to be aware that this does remove the security feature and will slightly increase your merchant credit card fees.

cvv not required

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