How to add “Duplicate” to your default ticket format

(Last updated on: November 25, 2015)

If you need to print a ticket that has already been printed, you can add the word “duplicate” to the ticket to avoid confusion.

  • Go to File | Ticket setup | Windows printer setup.
  • This will bring up the Label designer (your default ticket format named lasertix.lbx).
  • Click on theĀ  A on the small Report controls box, then click on the place on your ticket format where you want the word duplicate to appear, type Duplicate. (See first screen shot below.)
  • Then click on a blank spot on your ticket format, then go back and double click on the word you just typed (Duplicate) and a Label properties windows will open up.
  • Click on the Print when tab and at the very bottom, where it says Print only where expression is true, type the following EXACTLY as it appears below…all spacing and syntax must be EXACT.:::


  • Save the ticket format and you should be good to go!

label designer



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