How to add a service charge to all performances within a season ticket

(Last updated on: February 23, 2016)

  • Don’t use Payment Types to add a per ticket service charge when making a season package (father) sale.
  • Each “daughter” sale of the father sale is for zero dollars, because all monies for that transaction were calculated on the father sale.
  • If there were a service charge added to the daughter sale, then it would be out of balance.
  • If you add the service charge in the show setup (Show | Edit a show | Edit date), Wintix still does not calculate the service charges on daughter sales, because, again, all monies are accounted for in the father sale.
  • Adding a service charge to the daughter sale would make it out of balance, because no money is exchanged on daughter sales.
  • One thing you can do, if you have fixed season packages, is to add the per ticket service charges into the Season Package prices screen.
    • For example, we have a “3 show package.”
    • We want a $2.50 per ticket service charge for each of the 3 shows in the package.
    • Go to Show | Edit a season package.
    • Click on the Season prices button.
    • Enter $7.50 in the Per ticket service charge field.

per ticket

  • You will now have your per ticket fees paid for in the season package sale.
  • However, when closing the show and running the run of show report, the service charges will not be included in the totals collected for that show.
  • To remedy that, once the package sale has completed, you would end up with four sale records…one for the package and one for each of the three shows attached.
  • Edit the season package sale (father) by wiping out the service charges from the payment tab.  That sale will now be out of balance.
  • Then, edit each of the daughter sales by adding $2.50 service charge in the payment tab.
  • You would then have a run of show report for each individual show, that reflects the per ticket service charge.
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