A sales error occurred saving data for customer-id ‘XX’. ERROR:Credit-Card Processing Failure – Payment was for less than required sale order amount. Please contact the box-office.

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2015)

If you get this message, it means an online patron paid the incorrect amount.

So, how do you find out who customer -id XX is? For our example, we’ll use customer-id48

  • In Wintix, click on Mailing list | Customer Lookup | Generic search
  • Click on the Generic search button and this window will appear
  • Under Field, click on the down arrow and find CUSTOMER_ID
  • Under the middle field, choose Contains
  • On the last field on the right, type in the number and click on the search button (more after the screen shot below)


  • Wintix will search the database for the specific Customer_ID and will look like this:


  • Click on the database entry and Wintix will take you to the Mailing List record which will look like this (Please note: you will NOT see the ID number in the record. The ID number is in the underlying MYSQL database).


  • Now that you know who the patron is,  exit out of the mailing list window. Click on Reports | By customer | Search by name:


  • Type in the patron’s name, then click Run the report.


  • If the sales transaction did not go through, then you will get this message:


  • If the sale did go through, or there are many sales for this patron, Wintix will display a report that looks like this:


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