Exporting newly added emails for marketing

(Last updated on: May 11, 2017)

  • Go to Reports | By Day | Sales report.
  • Choose your starting and ending dates.
  • Choose DBF file for the output type.
  • Give the report a name in the Output file field.
  • Click the Run the report button.

opt in 3

  • A yellow box will appear, showing you how many records were found.
  • You will have four options.
  • Choose #2 – Copy to a spreadsheet.

copy to a spreadsheet2

  • You will then have a spreadsheet file that looks similar to this:

spreadsheet 3

  • Each column has a heading.
  • Simply delete the columns you don’t have use for and keep the ones you do.
  • There is a column for the entry date of the customer record.
  • You can sort the spreadsheet by the entry date, then keep only those records that were entered recently.
  • There is also a column for Opt-in.
  • You can eliminate those records that did not Opt-in.
  • That should leave you with only new customers who have opted in.
  • The Opt-in email column has a zero for those who did NOT opt in and a 1 for those who DID opt in.
  • The screenshot below is an example of what the report looks like once you start removing extra columns.

opt in 4

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