Can’t print? Change the name of your printers on all workstations

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2014)

If you are having trouble printing in Wintix from certain workstations, it may be that Wintix was looking for a printer from one workstation that was actually on a different workstation.

You could install an environment variable on each workstation. Or follow the instructions below and change the NAME of the printer on all computers so each workstation searches for the right printer.

  • The main wintixini initialization settings is looking for a printer NAME, not the location of the printer.
  • Install all the printers, on all workstations and make the NAME of the printer driver on each computer the same name.
  • If this works to solve the printing issues when you have multiple printers at multiple workstations, then it would be much more efficient and less trouble than putting an environment variable on each computer.
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