How to pull a report that gives a patron’s ticket orders for a mail merge

(Last updated on: July 21, 2014)

Want to pull a report that gives a patron’s ticket orders on one line?  For instance:

john doe / legally blonde / 6/15/15 / seat / 42nd st / 7/25/15 / seat # / etc.
One of our customers wanted to  use that information for their subscribers in a mail merge that would fit each patron’s choices on a post card.

Here is what we told them to do:
  • In Wintix, click on Mailing list | Generate a mailing list | Export email | Select by show or performance. Select what you want.


Click on Fields to export. Under Type of file to create, click on the radio button labeled Mailing list then click on the check boxes labeled Mainsale.abbrev, Mainsale.show_date and Mainsale.show_time.

fields to export

  • Click on Output file type and select Spreadsheet.
  • Click on Export list and the spreadsheet will appear.  You can do a mail merge procedure from here.


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