What to do if you need to cancel a sale but still need the customer attached to the sale

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2015)

By default, when a sale is canceled, the customer id is set to 0 – meaning there is no longer a customer record attached to the canceled sale.

This was done so that when printing a receipt, for a customer, for all sales done in a day, the receipt for the canceled sale does not print.

However, there may be times when you need that customer still attached to the sale.  For example, one of our customers had an ice storm in December and had to cancel five shows (1,000 tickets to sold out performances). They were frantically rescheduling, refunding, giving credits, etc. When people would call in where they had already canceled their sale due to a refund or credit, the notes they made were no longer attached to the customer’s accounts as they were made within the sale. It created a great deal of confusion trying to help all these folks not being able to find their notes.

In instances such as this, instead of cancelling the sales, edit each transaction and click on the “return the seats” button which will zero out the sale, but not cancel the sale. The customer name will still be attached to the sales record.  If you still need to connect the customer records to the cancelled sales, let us know.  We do have some tricks that can be applied. 


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