Run a report for all sales for a season with zip codes

In Wintix, go to:

  • Mailing List
  • Generate a Mailing List
  • Export Email –  That brings up the ‘Exporting email addresses window’
  • Choose spreadsheet
  • Uncheck the boxes labeled ‘skip records with a blank email address’ and ‘include only records that have opted in’
  • Click on the ‘Edit the query tab’
  • Highlight the text in that box and delete it
  • Then, copy and paste the query below in the box, by copying from this email, then with the cursor in that box, hold your CTRL key and hit v.  That will paste the query in that screen.
  • Click Export List
  • The list will be saved to your desktop and the name will be EmailExport_7-24-2013
  • That will give you a spread sheet listing all sales, with the zip code.
  • You can then sort the spread sheet by zip code and total up each zip using the spreadsheet tools.

customer.first, customer.last,,
from mainsale
left join customer on customer.customer_id=mainsale.customer_id
left join master on mainsale.master_id=master.master_id
left join shows on mainsale.shows_id=shows.shows_id where ( mainsale.today_date >= ’20XX-XX-XX’ and mainsale.today_date <= ’20XX-XX-XX)
group by customer.customer_id
order by customer.last, customer.first

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